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tasty lemon flavour tablets,popular with both adults and kids,naturally sweetened with fos,with vitamin d 5µg per 2 tablets (100% nrv)these tasty lemon flavoured tablets are an easy way to take calcium providing a full 400mg of calcium per tablet together with 1 gram of fos (fructo-oligosaccharides), a special type of sweet soluble fibre. most manufacturers use sugar in their chewable formulas, but we’ve added fos to enhance the pleasant sweet taste. fos is a natural material extracted from chicory roots that does not cause tooth decay. early studies indicate that it may help to improve our absorption of calcium from the gut. recent research has highlighted the importance of vitamin d and two tablets provides 5µg of vitamin d, 100% of the rda.this is a great product for children who need extra calcium but hate taking tablets or indeed anyone who finds swallowing tablets difficult.many people’s diets provide insufficient levels of calcium and teenagers in particular fail to consume adequate calcium from diet alone and a quarter of the uk’s 4 year olds have intakes below the rni. calcium intakes for girls and women are critical because achieving optimum bone density by the age of 30 has been shown to help keep bones strong in old age.