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currently out of stock until 23rd june 2020,magnesium for the reduction of tiredness & fatigue ,easy to swallow, small coated tablets ,gentle on the tummy magasorb® 375 is a one-a-day magnesium supplement for those looking to add this important mineral to their daily regime. most high street multis list magnesium in their formula, however the levels are generally low. magasorb® 375 therefore makes the perfect partner to most multivitamin formulas. choose magasorb 375 if you prefer a slightly smaller tablet. at nature’s best we’ve always had a passion for magnesium and over the years we’ve followed the scientific and medical journals that have published hundreds of papers on this mineral. it’s also the reason why magnesium is one of the most recommended supplements by our nutrition advisors for its contribution to, energy release and reduction of tiredness and fatigue, the nervous system and muscle function. it also plays a role in normal protein synthesis for bones and teeth are you getting enough magnesium?official data supports the fact that many people’s diets provide borderline intakes of magnesium, with as many as 7/10 women and 4/10 men aged 19-50 having magnesium intakes well below the rni. visit our blog to read |more about magnesium//b122//class=f-brand !important|.