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currently out of stock until 23rd june 2020,for the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels ,the level often recommended by nutritionists,made to gmp standards,suitable for vegetarians and vegans chromium is an essential trace mineral that we all need at low levels and it is largely obtained by eating a varied and healthy diet. good food sources include broccoli, liver, potatoes, shellfish, meat and whole grains. there is evidence to suggest that those on restricted diets such as vegetarians and vegans, may have a low intake of chromium, so supplementation is advised.the primary function of chromium is to regulate blood glucose levels, and is sometimes referred to as glucose tolerance factor (gtf), a term which is still used by some companies in the labelling of their chromium products. there is science to support chromium has an important relationship with insulin, the hormone released by the pancreas to balance blood sugar levels.-chromium contributes to normal macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) metabolism- for the maintenance of normal blood glucose levelsour naturally sourced chromium picolinate is a bioavailable form made and packed in the uk to gmp standards. we believe this important nutrient deserves a place in all good adult multivitamins, so you will find most of our multis provide a full 200mcg per day.