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a convenient source of zinc, in a well-absorbed citrate form,tasty honey and lemon, aspartame-free lozenges,suitable for adults and children,convenient lozenge shape to help with compliance,have you thought about a multivitamin? |find out more here//cmult//class=f-brand !important|these tasty natural honey and lemon lozenges dissolve in the mouth to provide a steady release of zinc and vitamin c to the throat membranes. each lozenge provides zinc, vitamin c and bee propolis, a fascinating material believed to have useful properties. adults can take up to 7 lozenges throughout the day and children up to 3 a day. zinc is involved in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, modern day diets are often low in zinc since food refining processes, particularly of cereals, removes up to 90% of the available zinc content. this, coupled with the move away from animal-derived protein, has meant that one in three adults in the uk receive less than the recommended daily intake for this mineral! nutritionists usually recommend a supplement containing the recommended daily intake of 15mg, as a sensible way support the intake from food.|//cimmunity|