What is CeladrinnbspCeladrinreg is the fast-acting nutritional supplement which may ideally suit sports people those who regularly exercisenbspor those who already take Glucosamine Chondroitin or similar supplements nbsp Studies have shown that Celadrin partnered with Glucosamine may have complimentary effectsCeladrin has been used in the USA for many years and It isnbspa patented complex blend of special cetylated fatty acid carbons This patented blend ensures you arenbspguaranteed potency of the active ingredient nbspIt is available as both a cream and a tabletcapsule but we do not sell the cream versionJust Vitamins Celadrin provides 525mg in a vegetarian capsule which will make it ideal for almost everyone including those on restricted dietsWhy take CeladrinCeladrinreg has been the subject of and is backed by many clinical and scientific studies into joint functions and mobility challenges It has also featured twice as a publication in thenbspJournal of Rheumatology on the subject ofnbspOsteoarthritisGlucosamine and Devils Claw are two other complementary supplements which arenbspoften taken alongside Celadrin Devils Claw is a traditional herbal remedy THR which is used to helpnbsprelieve backache rheumatic and muscular painnbspbased on traditional use only