What is 5-HTP5-HTP is converted in the body into the brain chemical messenger serotonin Serotonin in the brain acts as a chemical messenger and is influences the majority of the cells in the brain including sleep appetite mood and sexual desire5-HTP is derived from West African Griffonia simplicifolia tree the only natural source available using a specially developed process that retains as much of the active ingredient as possible The supplement is then encapsulated in a fully vegetarian cellulose capsule each providing 100mg of 5-HTP in amino acid formWhy buy a 5-HTP supplementSerotonin is involved in mood appetite and impulse control and has an effect on our state of restfulnessUnlike cheaper Griffonia Seed powdernbspour UK-sourced material is 99 pure This means that it only requires 101mg of Griffonia Seed to make our capsules Some of the cheaper supplements on the market use inferior 70 material so please be aware of what you are buyingYou can also be assured that our 5-HTP is certified to be Peak-X free and is sourced and manufactured in the UK to GMP quality standardsImproved super strength vegetarian capsuleAs a result of customer feedback we have recently made some improvements to this supplement It appeared that the tablet-coating could crack and crumble under certain storage conditions due to moisture absorption so have changed the format of this supplement from a tablet to a two-piece capsule which has resolved the problem Please be assured that the active nutrients are exactly the same as before so if you are a regular customer you will still be buying the same great supplement just in capsule form rather than as a tablet